New TOC analysis technique to overcome salt water sample issues

Costs faced by combustion TOC users when analysing water samples with high salts has been a problem for years. Salt tends to poison the catalyst and damage the combustion tube only after a about 20 samples in some cases. Once spent, the catalyst and tube must be replaced at a cost upwards ofaround $700. This can be a huge expense in the lifetime of the instrument.

The latest technology elliminates the catalyst and combustion tube by using Super Critical Water Oxidation to overcome the above issue. This technique uses proven simple physical chemistry attributes to oxidise the organic carbon while at the same time taking out the inorganic salts from the equation.

Super Crtitcal Water Oxidation (SCWO), uses the physical properties of super critical liquids to takle the challenges faced by furnace TOC analysers. The technique is a little too complicated to discuss fully in a blog but more detail can be obtained by clicking HERE.

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