TOC & DOC - On-Line and Process monitoring for Industrial Applications

TOC is now widely utilised for a diverse range of applications both laboratory and on-line, in a multitude of different industries. At one end of the spectrum, a methodology has been devised for the analysis of trace level contamination within pure water and at the other, significant industrial contamination may need analysing.

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Multi-Streaming/Multiplexer Devices   StreamWalker

StreamWalker™ functions as a water sample stream multiplexer. Controlled by a PLC with color touch screen graphic display, the unit sequences 3-way diverting solenoid valves enabling a single analyzer to measure up to four sample streams. The operator can select the stream sequence and duration of measurement from the front touch screen panel. The unit can be accessed with a web browser via the Ethernet port once connected to a local network.

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Electrochemical Analysers

pH  DO  ORP  Conductivity  Temp.  Ion Selective
A full range of panel mount and portable instruments complete with in-line housings for all electrodes

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Checkweighing Systems

A complete range of Australian designed and built checkweighing systems.

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