Multi-Streaming/Multiplexer Devices


StreamWalker™ functions as a water sample stream multiplexer. Controlled by a PLC with color touch screen graphic display, the unit sequences 3-way diverting solenoid valves enabling a single analyzer to measure up to four sample streams. The operator can select the stream sequence and duration of measurement from the front touch screen panel. The unit can be accessed with a web browser via the Ethernet port once connected to a local network. In the manual mode, each valve can be energized individually. PVDF push-in or Stainless Steel fittings are ¼ inch for process with a 3/8 inch common drain. Valve assembly is bored from a solid block of virgin PTFE with all valves’ process ends coming to a single exit port, eliminating external manifolding. All wetted parts are PTFE or PVDF for high purity applications. Valves not energized during sampling are on continual drain.

  • 2 and 4 Stream Models  
  • Color touch screen   
  • MODBUS serial RS485 and TCP/IP  
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet port with web browser  
  • Versatile operator programs on cycle count or timer  
  • Synchronized operation with select analyzers  
  • Interface with multiple manufacturers  
  • Automatic, manual or remote SCADA modes of operation  
  • Wetted parts of virgin PTFE and PVDF. Stainless Steel optional  
  • 60 PSI max operating pressure on wetted parts   
  • UL508A Listing  
  • Desktop or wall mount (wall mounting flanges included)