Resistant To Electromagnetic Interference
To prevent electromagnetic interference from affecting the accuracy of the ETI MIG replacement, it is designed according to IEC 61326 requirements. Furthermore, the IP67 classification of the ETI MIG Replacement ensures that it is suitable for use in an industrial environment. 

Easy Readable Temperature
The high quality illuminated LCD digital display clearly shows the temperature with a resolution of 0.1°C / 0.1°C °F as well as the calibration date and sensor ID. The display can be connected to the temperature sensor directly or by using a cable. This flexible solution ensures that the display can be placed away from the sensor making it easy to read.

Automatic Warnings
The ETI MIG Replacement display automatically shows a warning before factory recalibration is due or if a system error occurs.

Internal Memory
The ETI MIG Replacement has an internal non-volatile memory and can be used as a battery powered data logger and store up to 60,000 data points.

Temperature Settings
A hardware switch makes it easy to change between °C and °F.