Detection of Loss of Accuracy
For maximum safety and dependability the ETI MIG Replacement uses a dual probe sensor. The intelligent sensor has two independent Pt-1000 sensing elements and A/D converters. The primary sensor is compared to the second sensor and a deviation between the sensors exceeding 0.3 ºC causes an error message to appear on the display and the ETI MIG Replacement alarms the user.

Interchangeable Sensors
Since the A/D converters are integrated in the intelligent probe, the ETI MIG Replacement display has no impact on sensor accuracy. When having two sensors available, it is possible to use one when the other has been sent in for factory recalibration. This reduces costs and permits users to keep a constant production flow.

Flexible Installation
Multiple sensor lengths and custom fixtures are available to fit all retorts. The display is prepared for easy mounting on DIN rails, PLC cabinets and similar devices.