Sievers Instruments TOC Analyser

At Amscorp, we believe, that in order for your organisation to function properly, you need the most accurate data from your analysers. We believe, that analysers need to be reliable, low maintenance, efficient and backed by outstanding service - afterall, that is what Amscorp expects from its own suppliers!

To acheive this end, Amscorp Scientific has been partnered with Sievers since 1996 to supply the most innovative technology available. Since 1996, we have been supplying and supporting the Sievers TOC Analyser range throughout the Australian & New Zealand Markets.

If you are new to TOC analysis, then we have created an information page that just discusses the facts. It is designed to "tell you what you need to know" to understand the various technologies available and discuss their strengths and weaknesses as well as the applications each is suitable for.  As there are a number of brands of TOC analysers, this page has been designed to give you impartial information to help ensure that whatever brand of TOC analyser you choose to invest in, it will meet your analytical needs and serve you well into the future. Find out what you need to know by just clicking here.

If you are familiar with TOC analysis, and are simply looking at finding the instrument best suited for your application, then please feel free to use our TOC analyser selection guide. Alternatively, you can just select a particular model from our side menu and obtain all the specifications and download a brochure.

A little more information about our range:

Sievers Instruments leads the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyser industry with its sensitive, selective, easy-to-use Sievers brand of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysers for TOC analysis. All Sievers TOC Analysers combine UV/Persulfate oxidation with the patented Membrane Conductometric Detection Technique for the most accurate Total Organic Carbon (TOC) measuring technology available.

The Sievers Membrane Conductivity TOC Detection Technology evolved from work done under a NASA contract to develop an instrument to monitor drinking water quality in space. The resulting model, the Sievers 800 TOC Analyser, represented a true breakthrough in TOC analysis. Introduced in 1993, the Model 800 technology earned market leadership positions in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, with widespread applications in power generation and municipal water treatment. The Sievers product line has since evolved, and today the Sievers 500 RL,  900 Series, 5310C, CheckPoint and InnovOx  TOC Analysers provide unmatched analytical performance, reliability, and ease of use to meet your specific application needs and rigorous quality initiatives of the 21st Century .