M5310C Laboratory TOC Analyser


Superior productivity

For both raw and finished water monitoring, the M5310 C promises you peace of mind when measuring organics in your plant or distribution systems. Engineered to support Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (DBPR) compliance, with an analytical range of 4 parts-per-billion (ppb) to 50 parts-per-million (ppm), the M5310 C offers time-tested dependability with faster-than-ever analysis to help you reach the peak of productivity.


An unequalled level of efficiency and flexibility

  • Providing readings in only two minutes, the M5310 C analyzes TOC 50% faster than the previous 5310 C Series Analyzers.
  • Automated calibration, verification, and data analysis enable unattended operation.
  • Automatically calculates percent TOC removal for influent and effluent streams or samples.
  • The ability to be combined with the optional high-capacity GE Autosampler, featuring random access capability and up to 120 sample positions. 
  • The Autoreagent feature automatically establishes optimal flow rates for each sample.
  • Saved methods are now available at the instrument. 

Easy to use and cost-effective

The M5310 C offers streamlined protocols, more informative error and alert messages, and a database structure for more useful ways to arrange, search and query data. Requiring only minimal preventative maintenance along with 12-month calibration stability, the M5310 C enables maximum uptime. Other feature enhancements include a large, color, touch-screen displaying more intuitive menus, and a smaller, space-saving profile (19.2-cm/7.6-in wide) for efficient use of valuable bench space.


Operating Specifications*

Range 4 ppb to 50 ppm
Precision < 1% RSD
Accuracy ± 2% or ± 0.5 ppb, whichever is greater
Display Readout 3 significant digits
Sample Type Autosampler or discrete grab sample
Calibration Typically stable for 12 months
Analysis Time 2 minutes
Sample Temperature 5–95 °C (41–203 °F)
Ambient Temperature 5–40 °C (41–104 °F)
Instrument Sample Flow Rate 0.5 mL/min
Instrument Specifications
Outputs USB device port (1), USB host ports (3); Ethernet
Display 7” WVGA 800x480 pixel, Color  LCD w/ touch-screen
Power 100 – 240 V~, 50 – 60 Hz, 100 VA
Dimensions H: 42.2 cm (16.6 in.); W: 24.6 cm (9.7 in); D: 40.0 cm (15.8 in)
Weight 9.7 kg (21.4 lb)
Safety Certifications ETL, CE see Declaration of Conformity
Maximum Relative Humidity 0 - 95%, non-condensing
Maximum Altitude 3,000 m (9,800 ft)
Pollution Degree 2

* Stated analytical performance is achievable under controlled laboratory conditions that minimize operator and standards errors.