Model M9 Portable TOC Analyser


The Sievers M9 Portable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is the most versatile of the M9 TOC Analyzer Series, offering maximum flexibility for how and where it is used. Weighing just 9.4 kg (20.8 lb), it's lightweight, compact design makes it a powerful troubleshooting analysis tool that can be installed online for continuous measurement or carried to any location in the water system.

The M9 Portable is engineered for ease of use and cost-effective operation, allowing it to be used for single grab samples, with an optional autosampler, or in a process stream for continuous on-line TOC measurement.

An unequalled level of efficiency and flexibility

  • 50% faster TOC analysis over legacy 900 Analyzers, providing readings in only two minutes
  • Automated operations (calibration, verification, and data analysis) and Autoreagent feature enable unattended operation.
  • Streamlined protocols, and saved methods are now available at the instrument. 

Easy to use and cost-effective

  • More informative error and alert messages with graphically enhanced fast-links for independent troubleshooting
  • Database structure allows more useful ways to arrange, search and query data
  • No need for external reagents or gas supplies
  • Minimal maintenance - only a few hours of preventive maintenance per year
  • Calibration is stable for 12 months
  • Large, color, touch-screen display with intuitive menus.

Operating Specifications*

Range 0.03 ppb to 50 ppm
Precision < 1% RSD
Accuracy ± 2% or ± 0.5 ppb, whichever is greater
Display Readout 3 significant digits
Sample Type On-line continuous, Autosampler, or discrete grab sample
Calibration Typically stable for 12 months
Analysis Time 2 minutes (4 seconds with the optional Turbo mode)
Sample Temperature** 5–95 °C (41–203 °F)
Ambient Temperature 5–40 °C (41–104 °F)
Sample Pressure 100 psig
Online Flow Rate >50 mL/min (for on-line mode)
Instrument Sample Flow Rate 0.5 mL/min
Analyzer Specifications
Outputs 4-20 mA outputs (3); alarm outputs (4); binary input (1); USB device port (1); USB host ports (2); Ethernet
Display 7" WVGA 800X480 pixel, Color LCD with touch-screen
Power 100 - 240 V~, 50 -60 Hz, 100 VA
Fuses Replace with same type and size fuse: T 1.6 A 350 VAC Fuse (Slow Blow), size 5 X 20 mm appliance inlet
Dimensions H: 39.5 cm (15.4 in); W: 22.9 cm (9.0 in); D: 46.4 cm (18.3 in)
Weight 9.4 kg (20.8 lb)
Enclosure Rating IP-21
Safety Certifications ETL, CE (see Declaration of Conformity)
Maximum Relative Humidity 0 - 95%, non-condensing
Maximum Altitude 3,000 m (9.800 ft)
Pollution Degree 2
*Stated analytical performance is achievable under controlled laboratory conditions that minimize operator and standards errors.
**Sample temperature above 60 °C requires optional PVDF iOS